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The News Has Never Been Sweeter

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If you missed our clip on Good Morning! Arizona, it’s definitely something you’ll want to see. Jay got to talk about his jaw-dropping and mouth-watering “pumpicapple” pie/cake. That’s three different pies in three layers of cake! Have you ever seen or tasted anything like it?


In addition, check out our cupcake christmas trees DIY ugly sweater cookies and. You’ll be everyone’s favorite party host or attendee when you provide these sweet treats.


Watch clip here! 

Cutting the Cake

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Cutting cakes

Whether a single tier or multi tier the principles of cutting a cake are the same.  When
stacked each “tier” is an individual cake, with card board under it. There are
two options to start…slide a knife or serving spatula under the card board and
lift (this will lift some of the frosting off of the cake) there may be a
support in the center or start at the top, and cut the top cake.  The construction (see construction below)
will allow you to cut without crushing the lower cakes.  When the top cake is cut and served remove
the card board round and cut the next tier. I recommend cut until the knife hits something…i.e. support, base, etc.

There is much discussion on the number of servings each cake
will provide, as many bakeries use a pricing structure based on servings.  Because many factors are involved an industry standard cake portion has been established. 1”x2”x4”

This is based on the idea that a cake is 4”tall, if not, the portion-size adjust
accordingly. i.e. if 2”
tall then the cut would be 2”x2”x2”….or…3” tall cake cut 1 ½”x 2”x3” etc.

Other factors will be the knife and the person cutting. (**keeping
the knife clean will aid in cutting neat servings)  Most people can guess at 2” or 1”
but will vary as they cut.  So due to these issues the chart shows how many servings can be achieved in perfect
conditions.  KAK underestimates the servings thus allowing room for error, plus some people like a bigger slice of cake!

Except for 4”or 6” rounds, KAK recommends looking at any shape as a square.
Make cuts across the cake creating a square, the cuts should be2” apart. Then cut the servings 1” apart.

the red number are KAK servings calculations…the number below each cake is actual

Construction of a tiered cake…this also applies to
large/tall sculpted cakes, the structure is the same just the shape is

Each tier is an individual cake with a cardboard under
it.  Each of the lower cakes will have
interior risers to support the upper cakes, thus keeping the weight of the
cakes from crushing the lower cakes.
Also, note the one long skewer that helps keep the cakes in place.  The picture below illustrates a 3 tier cake,
the card board (yellow), the interior risers (blue) and the skewer (red).