KAKe Flavors
Yellow     Wedding White     Lemon     Chocolate
Red Velvet     Peanut Butter

Marble Flavors  NEW

vanilla/chocolate      vanilla/strawberry     lemon/raspberry     chocolate/raspberry    chocolate/peanut butter

Exotic Flavors
Carrot     Pistachio     Berry     Banana Macadamia     Orange Almond
Coconut     White Chocolate     Pumpkin

Fillings and Frostings
Buttercream (any flavor)
Cream cheese buttercream
Ganache: Dark and white chocolate
Fruit compote: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry
Caramelized bananas
Dulce De Leche
Mousse: chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, peanut butter
Curd:  lemon, lime, orange, pineapple
vanilla custard
Rocky Road

Fondant and Chocolate Fondant

Vegan KAKe
Chocolate     Carrot         Red Velvet     Pumpkin

Vegan Frosting and Filling
Vegan buttercream
soy “cream cheese” buttercream
Fruit and fruit compotes

Vegan cakes are made of animal free ingredients, however, the kitchen and equipment are used for both vegan and non vegan production.

Decorations are hand-made from sugar, gum paste, chocolate and marzipan. Fresh flowers can also be used.


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