Month: December 2011

Holiday Party time, celebrate with cakes!

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It’s that time…everyone is in the holiday spirit and we’re busy helping everyone celebrate.  i love this time of year…besides all of the excitement in the air, it’s finally cold in Phoenix. or cooler…raining and i get to pretend it’s snowing.  i get out my coats and scarf…lol  But i also get to be creative and start baking fun flavors…gingerbread, fruitcakes…cookies…

And designing big cakes with fun themes.  This year we got to help the Arizona Department of Administration celebrate the holidays.  Candee from the human resources called me and told me that their centerpiece (an ice sulpture) had to cancel and they were in the need of a new fabulous centerpiece.  With the theme “Holiday-Christmas” i already had an idea.  so in 3 days myself and my new intern, Margie, created a cake…or cakes. 

gingerbread with vanilla bean buttercream, orange/almond cake with dulce de leche, vanilla with passion fruit ganache, chocolate peanut butter marble, mocha praline and chocolate/candycane….yum.  to serve 500.

the center standing tall on an Arizona inspired platform was Santa with his bag of toys. 

cakes wrapped in fondant like presents with bows, balls and teddy in textured buttercream. 

 who wouldn’t like a puppy for Christmas, a cute buttercream puppy tearing through a fondant present and small cake ornament.

santa cake

a great detail of santa…we snapped this picture during delivery, the sun just hit his face and had to capture it…

and Santa with all his gifts.

One of my favorite things to do with all of my cakes is to add a little something fun, interesting or personal…here Santa had 6 Arizona items…can you find them? (may be a little unfair…a couple can’t be seen from the photo)

state mineral…copper, state gemstone…turquoise, state flag, state bird…cactus wren, state butterfly, state flower…saguaro flower.  there was also a saguaro standing behind Santa.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!