Month: February 2012

Kick Ass Kake Breaking news

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We have a very exciting news to share with you.

KickAssKakes is getting ready to move out to a new upgraded location.

We started the process last September. Choosing location, choosing architect, choosing design approach, etc. Hopefully we will be in our new location by end of April 2012.

Right now we are in the process of going through construction, Yes, we already have a chic design by Tomecek architects. The construction is getting carried out by Arete Construction Inc.

What we like to do in our KickAssKakes blog is to have you participate as our construction process comes through. By looking at the images maybe you can give us some ideas about color choices, or other things.

Having said that, we will definitely update our blog with most recent images of the site. So, first off, we would like to familiarize you with the site and its surroundings.

1) This shows the location of the site, it is at the intersection near Camelback ave and Central ave.

 2) The nearest Lightrail station is only five minutes walking distance.

3) Here are some cool markers around the site.

4) Soon KickAssKakes name is going to be in this billboard.

5) The Catholic Church is right accross the street.

and here are some images of the existing storefront.


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The swift transportation Corporation is a repeat client for KickAss Kakes. After last years success, this year on their annual event who else could they assign to do the job except KickAss Kakes, since they wanted a grandeur cake to match with their grandeur event. This cake took Jay a week’s preparation to work on the details of the motorcycle.

Remember that the challenge is to make everything edible. .. and so it will be. Look at the details of the motorcycle, those are actually made of rice crispies.


And then the truck itself. One question Jay always faces is “where should I start eating or cutting from”. Well, for this particular one, one can just dive in from whichever side into this red velvet with cream cheese, or chocolate flavor with chocolate-buttercream or yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. This 4 feet long cake served 160 people. Obviously it needed extra attention during the ride from the KAK kitchen to the Swift Transportation event, so that all the delicate parts and corners of the cake reach the destination intact.  Well, the effort was so worth it when the clients expressed their excitement as soon as they saw it.

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