Month: December 2010

KAK featured on ASU student website

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this is a link to a website created by ASU students as a project.  it highlights several cake shops in Phoenix.  i’m very honored to be part of the group.  take a look…

Ironman Cake

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Recently I had an order for a Ironman cake for a 5 year olds birthday party.    He,the birthday boy, knew exactly what he wanted, life-sized ironman.  Well as you may know I love a challenge, but the party wasn’t for several hundred people so life-sized was not an option…tho he was large and served close to 70.  Starting with a few sketches and much research, online, the plan was mid-chest to top of head and one hand reaching out, Ironman “pose”.  First, the hard structure…

Ironman the beginning

cakes torted, filled and stacked.  basic shaping. crumb coat and chill.

final coating to get smooth and start adding fondant.  some airbrushing details and metalic luster.  Final touch the lights…I found perfect small lights designed for balloons that would stay lite for 8 hours and very bright.  **just becarefull they are small and possible choking hazard**

the light one in his chest and one in his hand.  final Ironman close to life-size, an all edible…except the lights…