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We Are On Your Side

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rose kakeHow often do people start the New Year with a goal to eat healthier? For whatever length of time it lasts, we applaud your effort. Though it makes us sad to see people deprive themselves of perfectly good dessert, we try to be supportive. On the flip side, if being gluten-free or vegan is your resolution, KAK is your new best friend!

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that our kakes are “too pretty to eat.” If you can’t bring yourself to cut into a cake shaped like a baby or to dig into such an intricately detailed, beautifully handcrafted kake, our scheme to keep you skinny worked. After your friends, family or coworkers dishevel the kake, however, then you’re on your own. Good luck with that. Our kakes are very difficult to refuse. We know from experience.

This year, let’s take another approach to attaining a “healthy lifestyle.” How about we all resolve to enjoy life more, to eat our cake and have it too? Let’s intentionally enjoy each slice of life, take note of its sweetness, and be thankful to the ones who made it possible.

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