Design your perfect wedding cake

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Design your perfect wedding cake

How to design your perfect wedding cake…

Don’t settle for a cake that was designed for someone else, use them for inspiration. So,

Where to start?

Magazines, online search, books and look for styles you like
don’t look for an exact cake to cake to copy, that may never happen.  And don’t just look at wedding cakes…

find inspiration in many things:

Colors, flowers, invitations, china patterns, your dress,
themes, hobbies, locations/places, architecture, fashion

Get creative and have fun.

happy couple


Traditional, contemporary, vintage, whimsical, ethnic

big ben wedding cake

Tips for ordering your cake…

When comparing bakeries: look for variety in flavors,
quality ingredients and dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, allergies). Also
inquire if the cake will be torted, (this is a cake that has been cut
horizontally) this will allow for additional filling layers.  A cake should look nice when it’s cut and
plated.  Vary the filling layers within the cake, complimenting flavors, beware too many flavors may cause the “big mac” effect…too many flavors and they all get lost…a big mac started as a hamburger.  Also, ask if different tier flavors are additional cost or different fillings are additional cost.

Comparing pricing: most bakeries price cakes based on servings (1”x2”x4” is a standard serving size). When comparing price also compare actual cake size.  One bakery may calculate an 8” round cake (4” tall) with
16 servings and another bakery may calculate 24 servings.  With factoring in the person cutting and the
knife it may be difficult to get 24.

Look beyond the “per serving” price… $4 per vs. $3 per.  The $4 per uses the 8”round serves 16 ($64) and the $3 per
uses the 8” round
serves 24 ($72) just because the per servings price is less does not make it
the bargain.  If the caterer does not cut
the cake perfectly you may be short servings.

Additional costs? Special flavors or fillings, extensive
decoration, fondant, flowers etc

Display details:  all cakes must be on a sturdy base board. Inquire what the base will be and how it will be decorated.  Your beautifully decorated cake should not be sitting on a pre-made purchased foil base, quality bakeries will incorporate the design of the cake into the base by covering in matching fondant and ribbon
on the edge.  These details will make the overall look complete.

Deliveries:  when for delivery of your cake make sure the delivery person is qualified to
correct any mishaps that may occur during transport.  Finish set-up should also be included.

When the big day comes you don’t want to worry about any thing, especially the cake

Don’t forget the GROOM!!! grooms cakes are a great way to add a fun whimsical cake to the event while still having your dream wedding cake!

Cup cakes are not dead

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well if you thought the cupcake crazy was over…no yet.  getting a rush of cupcake orders.  they are easy for events, self contained not serving required…just helf yourself.

great gift idea…for a favorite teacher.

cupcakes are also a good addition to a cake as a compliment.  treasure chest with cupcake flags and loot.  little “sand” around the edges.  all loot and flags edible.

for extra special birthday party…have a cake, cupcakes, cookies and all your favorite sweets.  this party for a clients little girl was amazing.  they set up stations around the house and outside of all their favorite.

sweet stationand

and this is just a priceless photo…every kids dream…

KAK featured on ASU student website

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this is a link to a website created by ASU students as a project.  it highlights several cake shops in Phoenix.  i’m very honored to be part of the group.  take a look…

Ironman Cake

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Recently I had an order for a Ironman cake for a 5 year olds birthday party.    He,the birthday boy, knew exactly what he wanted, life-sized ironman.  Well as you may know I love a challenge, but the party wasn’t for several hundred people so life-sized was not an option…tho he was large and served close to 70.  Starting with a few sketches and much research, online, the plan was mid-chest to top of head and one hand reaching out, Ironman “pose”.  First, the hard structure…

Ironman the beginning

cakes torted, filled and stacked.  basic shaping. crumb coat and chill.

final coating to get smooth and start adding fondant.  some airbrushing details and metalic luster.  Final touch the lights…I found perfect small lights designed for balloons that would stay lite for 8 hours and very bright.  **just becarefull they are small and possible choking hazard**

the light one in his chest and one in his hand.  final Ironman close to life-size, an all edible…except the lights…