Food Shaped Cakes, Part 2

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We’ve shown you some recent and incredible custom cake creations that Kick Ass Kakes has had the honor of creating. We we are back with more food-inspired cakes! These crazy cakes are custom made with fondant and hand-designed. Here’s a look at more of our favorites!


Nachos anyone? This nacho shaped cake looks good enough to eat. The detail on this cake is credible, down to the seeds inside the “jalapeno” slices.


Pasta lovers rejoice! This spaghetti and meatballs cake is perfect for an Italian-inspired event or for anyone who loves this supper!


We especially loved creating this bacon, eggs and hashbrowns shaped cake! The detail was incredible and it looks just like a plate you might receive at a local diner!

Want a custom food-shaped cake of your own? Contact us today for a quote!

Fashion Inspired Designer Cakes

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Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and more…if you’re in love with designer bags and shoes we can recreate your favorite look in fondant! Check out these designer bag cakes and we even have a pair of heels that would rival your favorite pair!


This Louis Vuitton cake with a pink base is perfect for a girly-girl!


Christian Louboutin heels were the inspiration for this shoe cake. So real it’s hard to believe it’s edible!


A chic Chanel hat box was the inspiration behind this stunning custom cake creation!


This  is one Gucci cake you won’t want to unwrap!


This quilted Chanel bag cake was so lifelike the birthday girl was simply stunned!

Is there a designer bag or pair of shoes you want to turn into a cake? Contact us for a quote today!

Cakes of the Week!

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We had a blast designing some of the custom cakes you’ll see in this post! From iPhones to PetSmart we have every one of your designer cakes covered! Let us make your dreams come true–in icing!


We captured the true corporate spirit of PetSmart with this 3-D cake! Check out the level of detail we were able to capture.


Did you just get the iPhone 6? Here’s a look at an “older model” we created. So life like, if you want a iphone shaped cake, we can do it.


MJ is leaning with our fun Michael Jackson themed cake. This would be perfect for an ultimate fan! Want a cake that depicts your favorite band or artist? We can do it! From the Beatles to Rod Stewart to Beyonce or anyone in between, we can create a custom cake to look like your favorite musician.

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Food Themed Cake Design

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Have you ever wanted a custom cake that looks like a platter of mouth-watering sushi? How about a cake that is a replica of your Thanksgiving turkey? We can do that! Well, we like to think we can create any custom cake you could possibly dream up.

Here’s a look at some of our “food” creations!

Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 3.05.46 PM

This Thanksgiving turkey cake looks good enough to…bake?

Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 1.00.20 PM

Need a jolt of caffeine. This is one of several Starbucks cakes we have created over the years.


Nothing says Happy Birthday like a custom designed birthday cake that matches the passion of the person you are giving it to!

10553541_930960886924984_7257098683831220878_nThis Kitchenaid mixer cake was a big hit on a recent television segment. It’s so realistic that some were fooled! But alas, it’s all edible!

Contact us today for a quote on your dream birthday or wedding cake! We have exemplary service and will bring your cake dreams to life!

Fabulous Fall Cake Designs

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As the weather cools off into the 90s, you may sense a crisp breeze in the air. Ok not really. It’s still really hot here, but it’s September! And that means fall is here!

Planning a football themed party? Of course you’ll need a unique cake that matches your theme! Here’s an example of a very life-like football that we created for a client last season.

football cake

Perhaps you are having an autumn wedding and you’re looking for a cake that matches the beautiful fall harvest colors and you’re simply not a traditional wedding cake fan?

Look at this stunning option! Complete with ornate leaves and flowers and covered in fondant.

autumn wedding cakeWhatever the reason, Kick Ass Kakes has all of your fall cake needs covered. We make the most delicious, beautiful and hand decorated cakes in the Valley!

contemporary gold square

This square, tiered cake is covered in an ornate gold leaf frosting and is another unique wedding cake design that’s perfect for the fall months. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll showcase your personality in cake and frosting.

Kick Ass Kakes In The News

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Kick Ass Kakes has had a wild ride promoting our incredible, edible and stunning custom creations in the news of late.

Several local television stations– showing off our elegant and handmade cake designs– have featured KAK.

Chef Jay has been hard at work featuring everything from back to school snack ideas like his famous “Fruit and Cake” bars, to unique cake design and decorating tips for even the most novice cake bakers.

His first appearance was with local Channel 3 “Arizona’s Family” and Jay showed off his skills at frosting and layering cake with an emphasis on teaching a home baker hot to master beautiful cake design.


Next, he was featured on ABC’s Sonoran Living where he showcased three recipes. First, he make his “Fruit and Cake” bars that are vegan, gluten free and full of flavor, making them an excellent back to school snack. He also was able to create his whipped peanut butter frosting dip recipe and then he turned the dip into a decadent filling for a layer cake or filled chocolate cup.


Finally, Fox 10 came out to the bakery and was “wow-ed” beyond words by Jay’s extremely talented cake décor and design. Kristen Anderson was seriously impressed by the level of skill and talent when it comes to custom designed wedding, birthday or special occasion cakes that the KAK Shop can produce.


So don’t take our word for it—Kick Ass Kakes has shown the Valley of the Sun all they are capable of when it comes to stunning, unique and custom cake design as well as a myriad of other specialty dessert options. Contact us today for a quote and we’ll make your sweet dreams come true.


Kick Ass Kake Breaking news

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We have a very exciting news to share with you.

KickAssKakes is getting ready to move out to a new upgraded location.

We started the process last September. Choosing location, choosing architect, choosing design approach, etc. Hopefully we will be in our new location by end of April 2012.

Right now we are in the process of going through construction, Yes, we already have a chic design by Tomecek architects. The construction is getting carried out by Arete Construction Inc.

What we like to do in our KickAssKakes blog is to have you participate as our construction process comes through. By looking at the images maybe you can give us some ideas about color choices, or other things.

Having said that, we will definitely update our blog with most recent images of the site. So, first off, we would like to familiarize you with the site and its surroundings.

1) This shows the location of the site, it is at the intersection near Camelback ave and Central ave.

 2) The nearest Lightrail station is only five minutes walking distance.

3) Here are some cool markers around the site.

4) Soon KickAssKakes name is going to be in this billboard.

5) The Catholic Church is right accross the street.

and here are some images of the existing storefront.