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Taking a bite out of the Donald!

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At the KAK factory we have been watching the presidential campaigns with our egg whisks in one hand and sugar beater in the other. We only know how to make sense of this election doing what we do best: making some kick ass kakes. To get ready for November, we made a kick ass Hillary kake… and because we know he hates being left out of things, we made a kick ass Donald kake too. You’d actually be surprised at how easy it was to replicate his silky golden locks. What a bit of spun sugar can do!

Watch Cory Mccluskey at Fox 10 News take a bite out of the Donald’s hair here:




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Kustom Kake Maker

Users can design a cake online and pick up from the store later.

For anyone whose watched Cake Wars or Top Chef and aspired to design a cake that causes more gasps then groans, The KAK Shop ( has just given DIYers their dream come true. Phoenix’s award winning cake shop has just merged digital technology with eggs, butter and sugar. Today, a brand new feature called Kustom Kake Maker was launched that allows users to customize thousands of different cake designs right from a desktop or smart phone.

Simply browse to website, use the design tools, pay for the cake online and pick it up at the store later. From the top line menu of the website, users are directed to a colorful screen where they can build their own design and see it exactly as it will look as the finished product. The site offers numerous selections to assist with building a custom one-of-a-kind cake, which includes:

• Shape – round or square,

• Tiers – two or three tier cake.

• Topper – age, bows and stars.

• Message – create a message on board or on plaque

• Decoration – butter cream and fondant

• Flavor – vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon, strawberry, marble

• Filling – vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, Strawberry buttercream, raspberry buttercream, lemon buttercream, cream cheese buttercream, peanut butter buttercream, strawberry, raspberry.

• Serving size – 20, 25, 35, 40, 50, 60, 75

• Cake color – white, black, various reds, purple, various pinks, various blues, yellow, green, and orange.

• Border – normal, pearls, and band • Pattern – checkered, chevron, diamonds, dots, flowers, stripes, swirls, zebra, and circles.

The Kustom Kake Maker is unique as it allows users to click on the features they want on their cake so they can see the countless options as they go and they will know exactly what the cake will look like when they pick it up.

There is a minimum of a seven day lead time when ordering the cake. Cakes are priced by servings in either buttercream covered or fondant. According to Central Phoenix Mom Tara Allen, “There is that “OH NO” moment that every busy mom has when it’s a week before the party and you forgot to order a cake!” “Knowing I can jump online, design exactly what I want and forget about it until it’s time to pick it up? I love it.”

The KAK Shop owner Jay Murphy said, “I want to be the UBER of custom cake designs. Let’s disrupt the status quo and give people what they want. They want cake and they want it their way and they want it now! This does that.”

Murphy, recognized for setting the bar for unparalleled realism—whether a six foot Lady Gaga cake or a multi-tiered-tea-cup-Alice in Wonderland Cake kept hearing from customers that they wished they had some way to easily draw the kind of cake they wanted him to make for them. One day, when using a draw app on his phone, the idea struck him to use technology to help his customers to do what they’ve wanted to do for years. And the Kustom Kake Maker was born. ###


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The swift transportation Corporation is a repeat client for KickAss Kakes. After last years success, this year on their annual event who else could they assign to do the job except KickAss Kakes, since they wanted a grandeur cake to match with their grandeur event. This cake took Jay a week’s preparation to work on the details of the motorcycle.

Remember that the challenge is to make everything edible. .. and so it will be. Look at the details of the motorcycle, those are actually made of rice crispies.


And then the truck itself. One question Jay always faces is “where should I start eating or cutting from”. Well, for this particular one, one can just dive in from whichever side into this red velvet with cream cheese, or chocolate flavor with chocolate-buttercream or yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. This 4 feet long cake served 160 people. Obviously it needed extra attention during the ride from the KAK kitchen to the Swift Transportation event, so that all the delicate parts and corners of the cake reach the destination intact.  Well, the effort was so worth it when the clients expressed their excitement as soon as they saw it.

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Ironman Cake

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Recently I had an order for a Ironman cake for a 5 year olds birthday party.    He,the birthday boy, knew exactly what he wanted, life-sized ironman.  Well as you may know I love a challenge, but the party wasn’t for several hundred people so life-sized was not an option…tho he was large and served close to 70.  Starting with a few sketches and much research, online, the plan was mid-chest to top of head and one hand reaching out, Ironman “pose”.  First, the hard structure…

Ironman the beginning

cakes torted, filled and stacked.  basic shaping. crumb coat and chill.

final coating to get smooth and start adding fondant.  some airbrushing details and metalic luster.  Final touch the lights…I found perfect small lights designed for balloons that would stay lite for 8 hours and very bright.  **just becarefull they are small and possible choking hazard**

the light one in his chest and one in his hand.  final Ironman close to life-size, an all edible…except the lights…