Spice up your baby shower!

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The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and one of the best forms of expression is through food, particularly cake. Cake is the perfect combination of self-expression, art, and celebration and it is something that brings our lives full-circle. We have cake on our first birthday, our last and everything in-between. From your Barbie cake on your sixth birthday to your cake on your college graduation, you let your personality come out in the form of frosting and flour. Cake shouldn’t have to wait until a first birthday though. A baby shower is the perfect opportunity for some cake, even more so, it is the perfect opportunity to reveal the gender of your baby. Using an ultrasound to tell your friends and family if you are having a boy or a girl is old fashioned, and well, boring. This much anticipated question is best answered in the form of food so it touches the hearts of your friends and families. Allowing friends and family to take part in something that involves your personality and your creativity will set the tone for the baby shower and even your baby. Solving a mystery with food is exciting and memorable, meaning everyone will remember your shower and more importantly, your baby. A baby shower should be fun, and so should your cake. There are so many ways to reveal the gender of your baby through cake, never leaving a dull moment at your baby shower.

  1. Multicolored cake – cake is in the shape of blue and pink gift packages with one section of the cake holding the reveal.
  2. Single layer cake – pink or blue cream on the inside will reveal the gender.
  3. Hidden object – a blue or pink egg, a mustache or lips, a bow or a bow tie will be hidden in the inside of the cake. One of your guests will discover the reveal when they bite into the cake.
  4. Cake with cake-pop balloons – one or all pops will reveal the gender. Guests won’t find out until they bite into their cake-pop.
  5. Kangaroo cake- the kangaroo’s pouch will hold the gender of the baby.
  6. Hunger Games Lottery cake- an object to pop a balloon will be placed inside of the cake, whoever finds the object gets to pop the balloon filled with blue or pink confetti.

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