A prefect cake for a perfect marraige

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The adult food fight has been an age-old tradition honored by couples around the world. We have all seen it; the couple romantically cutting their first slice of cake together only to shove it in one’s face, leaving cake everywhere. Next thing you know, there is frosting in and on the bride’s dress, while more cake is falling out of her perfectly curled hair, and all over her face, which when wiped off, will smudge her flawless make-up. Some say this tradition brings good luck to the marriage, others say it is just plain rude. Some believe that what the couple does with the cake can determine the success of their marriage. Pastor Kevin A. Thompson predicts marriages based on how they shove the cake in each other’s faces. Some couples are more forceful than loving, or more prideful rather than being playful. His predictions have been mostly accurate. Weather you prefer to wear your cake instead of eat it, or just eat it, a lot of expectations are riding on your cake so make no mistakes.

  1. Plan – There is nothing more stressful than waiting until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to find exactly what you want.
  2. Test things out – Don’t settle for the first bakery you walk into and don’t settle for the first flavor of cake that you like. Try as many options as you can.
  3. Pick a bakery – The bakery you choose should fit into your budget and be willing to work with you.
  4. Pick what YOU want – Pick a cake you and your fiancé love, not one that your mother-in-law likes. This is your day, not hers.
  5. Flavor and style matter – if you are going to be eating or wearing your cake, it better taste good and look good. It is possible to have a good-looking cake that is also delicious.
  6. Enjoy it! – Remember to eat your cake, a lot of work went into making sure it was perfect, so enjoy it!

lace and roses wedding

With a perfect cake comes a perfect marriage. At least we can hope so.

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