Divas in Icing

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We love our divas–and they look amazing all iced up! Check out the life size Lady Gaga and Cher cakes we had the honor of baking!

We can make a life-size cake of anyone–simply send us your vision for a custom cake and we will get to baking, frosting and decoration!

Here’s the stats:

The Lady Gaga Cake stands over 5’9 inches including shoes and hair. She was created out cake, plus 80 pounds of buttercream and 80 lbs of fondant. The costume is a replica of one she wore in Tokyo and the cake took over 65 hours to create!

The Cher Cake was over 7 feet tall (to the top of her feathers) and took over 100 hours to complete. Cher is made of cake plus 95 pounds of fondant, 80 pounds of buttercream and she’s wearing one of her famous Oscar’s costumes. Cher’s face was made five times to assure perfection.

Everything on each cake was completely edible, including their eyelashes and both cakes required PVC pipe as a center support.


Full size Gaga!


Close up of her shoes!!


In the flesh! er…Icing!


The one and only..Cher.

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