Fall Wedding Cake Trends

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Jay Murphy, our cake maker extraordinaire recently sat with us and described the latest trends in customer wedding cake designs and flavors. Take a bite out of his thoughts here!

white floral

What are the current trends you are seeing in wedding cakes?

Multiple cakes, several smaller cakes along with a variety of mini desserts, macarons, mini pies, cookies, pastries. Traditional tiered cakes with textures in buttercream, metallic and hand painted cakes. 

Are fresh flowers still “in” or are you seeing alternatives? What are they?

I’m not seeing as many fresh flowers. Instead sugar flowers are popular, along with bows or bling.


What is your most requested wedding cake type? Please describe in detail.

Round tiered cakes are still the most requested, whites or pale color, with lace and ruffles.  Simple details like small pearls or narrow ribbon bands at the base are also very popular.

Fondant or no fondant? What is more preferred? Buttecream? Fondant? Does it matter? Can you do unique design with butter cream?

I prefer working with fondant, it gives me more options to design and decorate with, though it seems to be evenly split buttercream vs fondant as far as popularity. Buttercream is a classic and can be used creatively.  Many unique designs/decorations can be created using buttercream. Ruffles, textures, classic “homestyle” designs using a simple knife and adding one simple flower is an elegant way to shape buttercream frosting.

pineapple wedding

What is your most requested wedding cake flavor?  Red velvet with raspberry and cream cheese buttercream.

If you could pick any cake you want for a bride what would it be and why?

I like fun unique combinations, one of my current favorites:  “mimosa” (champagne and orange) flavored cake tinted coral, with alternating layers of champagne and orange buttercream and a meringue disc for the center layer.

Is the cupcake fad over?  Why or why not?

Yes. Macarons, mini pies and other mini desserts are now trending.  Giving your guests a variety of flavors, textures, sweetness in a beautiful display at various levels is popular, with the cake at center stage.

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